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In celebration of the United Nations'
International Day of Peace - September 21

September 15 - 21

Join us in advancing peace,
social justice, compassion
and human rights

Peace Days

Since 2010, the International Day of Peace has been celebrated in Manitoba while attempting to develop concrete actions aimed to promote a culture of peace and compassion.

In 2013, Peace Days takes place between the International Day of Democracy on September 15th through to the International Day of Peace on September 21st, 2013. A diversified program of events has been created to appeal to people of all ages throughout the City of Winnipeg.

Peace Days Hotline

Have a question or comment? Email info@peacedays.ca for more information.


The mission of Peace Days is to promote and advance peace, social justice, compassion and human rights, as well as celebrate the harmony and cultural diversity of the citizens of Manitoba by:

Peace Days exists for all persons who believe in the culture of peace and compassion, and who reject stereotypes, discrimination, exclusion, prejudice or clichés related to race, sex, culture, religion, physical or intellectual disabilities, etc.

Peace Days ambassador Gary Doer provides a message about Peace Days